Continuing the Quest for an Animal Evacuation/Medical Trailer

We are so grateful for the unwavering support within the  community.  Since the Kick-Off of this project on 27 Sep, 2016, together we have raised $49,953 which, by the way, is sitting safely in our bank account.  We’ve received one $10,000 grant through efforts of the Animal Safe Company’s grantwriting staff with another half-dozen grant applications still pending.

Even after all of the due diligence that we performed before beginning this project, we learned June 13th, through an unofficial source that our initial vendor, Animal Safe, has gone out of business. In the days that followed, we confirmed this and contacted officials in Colorado-where Animal Safe was operating, and have begun — and will continue pursuing the return of the initial $10,000 deposit we made. Let me make it clear that NONE of your contributions were used in the initial deposit. These funds remain in our bank account along with the $10,000 grant we received.

Recent events, such as the number of local wildfires and the huge fires near Prescott Valley-Mayer and Mt. Lemmon continue to demonstrate our own community’s critical need for this resource.  Our focus and commitment to the community’s pet welfare remains steadfast in procuring an evacuation/medical trailer from one of the numerous  vendors available.

We have formed a committee that will find a suitable, comparable trailer from one of these vendors, with technical assistance from the Supervisor at the Nancy J. Brua Shelter, Arleen Garcia. This committee will insure the selected trailer will provide the support needed and can be operated and maintained by the city with current staff and equipment.

We continue this effort with due diligence to research and select an appropriate trailer that meets the needs of our community. We look forward to the day when Friends of the S.V. Animal Shelter presents an evacuation/medical trailer to the City of Sierra Vista. And with your continued support, we know ….This Will Happen!!