Come, Explore Pawgwarts!!!



Step through the doors of the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center on Saturday, August 4, and you may feel a little like Harry did tumbling through a magical barrier to reach platform nine and three-quarters before being whisked into a world of wonder on board the Hogwarts Express.

Visit the magical world of Pawgwarts, where animals obey spells instead of instructions, the lemonade looks a whole lot like butter beer, and everyone secretly hopes they are sorted into Gryffindog, Kittyclaw, or Wooflepuff — anything but the house of Slobberin’.

Explore Clawsmeade Village and wander the halls of Pawgwarts where Spartacus the Thestral and other magical creatures roam.

The wizards from Sit Means Sit will be on hand casting pet obedience spells and visitors can take advantage of adoption specials available only that day! Be sure to bring your own furry family member and camera to snap a few photos in the Kennel of Azkaban.

While you don’t want to miss the open house, the magic will linger all month long. So be sure to stop by the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center in August and maybe one of our loveable animals will cast their forever spell on you!