Big Day!!!


Valentine’s Day is a very special day at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center. It’s the 12th anniversary of the shelter’s beautiful facility and it also marks Animal Control Supervisor Arleen Garcia’s work anniversary, as her first day as an animal control officer was the day the new facility opened. But that’s not all!

It’s also the birthday of Rambo, the shelter’s 11-year-old mascot who was first turned in when he was 11 months old. Known for his grumpy demeanor, Rambo was placed in a couple different homes and Garcia even tried taking him in herself. But Rambo was happiest staying with his family at the shelter. With birthday treats like this, why would he ever want to leave?

Happy birthday to Rambo and congratulations to the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center and Arleen Garcia on an extraordinary 12 years!

As posted on the Sierra vitsa Police, Fire, and EMS  Facebook page