To Our Supporters

The last few weeks have changed how we live our lives, schools have closed,  going to a restaurant means drive up or delivery or maybe your favorite restaurant has closed,  we have discussions with our neighbors while respecting social distance, and wonder if the grocery store will have the items we want.  So many unknowns, so much uncertainly.

So why would Friends participate in AZGives Day?

We do so with the knowledge that our community will, as we have done before in times of uncertainly come together, care for each other, and overcome the threat before us.  We also know that our primary mission,  to provide for the welfare of shelter pets,  is and will still be needed.

So as you see the AZGives Day postings understand that Friends of the S.V. Animal Shelter continues our mission – the mission you have trusted, supported, and joined us in- to improve the life of shelter pets in our community.

We  look forward to seeing you at adoption events,  shot and spay/neuter clinics when the situation allows. Until then, please stay well. We thank you for your support.

Friends of the S.V. Animal Shelter