Last week we I brought our longest resident, Snow to the radio station. Thanks all of you for sharing her post and video, she has been adopted! Lately, bringing doggies to the radio station is one of my favorite things to do. This week I brought Odin!

Now our longest resident is Odin. He’s a handsome pittie mix that is full of so much love. Odin was turned into the shelter on 5/10/2019. Over a YEAR at the shelter! Odin loves to give kisses, he’s spunky and so much fun. Last year he was struck by a rattlesnake in his right eye. So you may notice that it’s a little cloudy. I call it the LUCKY eye. We are so glad that he didn’t lose it.

If you are interested in Odin, please call 520-458-4151 to ask questions or schedule an appointment to meet him.

If you are unable to adopt right now, please share this post and help increase his chance to find a home.

Thanks again to K101 at Cherry Creek Radio for allowing us to visit.


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