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Moving ForwardPodcast: Caring for Sierra Vista’s animals
In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Sierra Vista, we chat with Animal Control Supervisor Arleen Garcia. 
Inspired by her mother’s generosity to care for stray animals in the streets of Puerto Rico, Arleen has put her passion for animal care to work here in Sierra Vista since 2008. We discuss how folks can view or adopt/foster animals at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center, recent improvements being made at the shelter, how important community support is to its mission, and ways to keep your pets safe this summer. 
Much like Arleen’s profession, this conversation hits emotional highs and lows as we discuss the importance of rabies vaccines, reflect on saving animals from the Monument Fire, share stories of how loss is part of the job, and talk about pets and the joy they bring to our lives.
Download and listen to the podcast via the link above. Listeners can also access the podcast via Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean. 

From the current issue of Sierra Vista News

Topics from the Talk-

  • COVID-19’s impact on adoptions, turn-ins, and other trends (1:10)
  • How to view and adopt animals at the shelter by appointment (4:28)
  • Moving forward with spay and neuter clinics in September (9:23)
  • The “One Paw at a Time Mobile Unit” and support of the shelter’s friends (12:29)
  • What you get when adopting a pet from the shelter (20:20)
  • Why getting a rabies vaccine is vital (21:35)
  • Don’t leave your pet in a hot car (26:33)
  • How does the Summer heat affect pets when the ground is hot? (29:08)
  • Our own pets at home (34:49)
  • How Arleen fell in love with caring for animals (38:04)
  • Overcoming capacity issues by getting and giving help (43:12)