2020 End of Year Wrap Up

There is no need to say 2020 has been a different year or to address that here. What we do want to address are all the wonderful ways that “we” supported and provided for the pets in need in our community. And understand that you are part of “we“. For without your trust and continued support this year’s accomplishments would not have been possible.

  • As you may know, Friends was founded to support emergency medical needs of sheltered animals. These needs have ranged from intensive grooming to tumor removal to repair of broken bones and care for illness. This year we assisted 82 animals with such needs. By providing this care, the animal becomes healthy, comfortable, and happy, resulting in a more adoptable pet. This program has cared for over 300 pets. 
  • While COVID-19 restrictions caused the delay of three low cost Spay/Neuter Clinics over the summer we were able to conduct clinics in September and October for a total of five clinics. These services were provided to 187 pets this year. This program has cared for over 350 pets. 
  • The Door to Door, One Paw at a Time program provides a health exam, rabies vaccination, microchip, and city dog license at no cost to the owner. COVID-19 restrictions did impact this program, but 82 pets received the protection provided by this program this year. This program has cared for over 1500 pets. 
  • Cats like to move about and sometimes the kennels may seem a little small. So, Friends helped to purchase Cat Portals that allow two kennels to be connected to provide a condo effect, more room to move about!
  • A most important accomplishment is the purchase of medical equipment for the new Surgical Clinic. The Surgical Clinic is located in the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center allowing the animals to receive care on site. Want to take a tour? See the Virtual Open House & Ribbon Cutting on Youtube.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the financial support you provide. By making a donation during AZGives Day, by PayPal, dropped some cash in a donation bucket, brought tickets for our raffles, enjoyed a meal with us at Outback Steakhouse or sipped a glass of wine at Hoppin’ Grapes, you helped, and we thank you. As we head in to 2021, Friends of the S.V. Animal Shelter will continue to represent our community by providing resources to improve the quantity of life for sheltered pets.

Thank you for your support and trust,

Jane, Valarie, Brenda, Bob, Teri, Liz, Tim, Sherry, Kat, Kathy

Board of Directors, Friends of the S.V. Animal Shelter