City Stories – Shelter offers free parvo shots

The Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center will offer free parvo vaccinations to eligible puppies in Sierra Vista under the age of 9 months to help prevent future outbreaks of this contagious canine disease.  

The shelter’s new Puppy Parvo Prevention Program (4P) is sponsored by the Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter. Puppy owners can sign up to participate by stopping by in-person at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center during regular hours. The program’s first series of clinics will be open for the first 50 puppies (limited to two per household) in the Sierra Vista area that get signed up. Only puppy owners who live in a Sierra Vista zip code are eligible.  

Owners must commit to bringing their puppies to all three clinics to ensure the puppies get fully vaccinated. The clinics are scheduled on Tuesdays April 27, May 18, and June 8 from 9 to 11 a.m. The clinics will take place at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center surgical center and the shots will be provided by animal control staff. Puppies must be less than 9 months old at the time of the first clinic. 

The Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center will also offer free parvo vaccinations for all puppies adopted from the shelter moving forward. New owners will be advised that they can call the shelter to schedule the needed parvo shots when they are due.  

If you go – The Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center, located at 6799 Highway 92, is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. To reach the animal care center by phone, call (520) 458-4151.

As issued by the City PIO.