You will be missed

Yesterday the staff of the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center had to say good bye to our long time shelter mascot, Rambo Robert Brua.

To say that Rambo was very special may seem cliché, however, everyone that knew him could not deny that special is the best word to describe him.

Rambo’s personality and quirks were quite unique. He was my road buddy for a while when I was a road officer. Rambo knew more shelter secrets than anyone else for all the times he was in my office while I had private meetings with the staff or with the bosses. Luckily, he knew how to keep a secret.

Rambo had been through so much, that his resilience could not be denied. Everyone at the shelter probably has a Rambo story to tell.

Over the years, Rambo became a little cranky and a little gassy. He destroyed more beds than I can count, but we still loved him no matter what.

Rambo Robert, you will be terribly missed.

Love you!